As a member of the V Squad Football Academy you will:

  • Access to the V Squad online education and development resources
  • Be coached by NAB League, AFL, VFL and state representative level coaches
  • Train at the Melbourne V Squad camps in September and April
  • Train at the regional training days in January and July
  • Train at two regional Squad Sessions close to home during Level 2 and Level 3
  • Meet other talented players from across Victoria
  • Receive an exclusive V Squad kit (including a V Squad footy bag, V Squad football jumper, shorts, socks, football and drink bottle, and a V Squad workbook)

Please note: Registering for an information night is free and there is no obligation to enrol in the V Squad Academy once you register. Once you have attended an information session, discussed the program with us via phone or email, and are comfortable with the payment plans you can do so by signing in under the Member link in the top right hand corner of the home page.

Payment Options

Ongoing scheduled payments will be automatically deducted from the credit card provided unless discussed with V Squad directly and prior to the payments being due. Payment details can be updated by logging into your Members portal.

** Accounts must be up to date in order for members to attend the camps and access online learning modules **


Option 1 - Upfront payment

A single, discounted upfront payment of $1999 (incl. GST), covering the full program, can be made by cheque, money order, or credit card.

This payment must be made in full on or before 1st September, 2022, prior to commencing the Level One of the program, and can be completed though your members account on our website or by contacting V Squad on (03) 9615 5102.


Option 2 - Monthly Payment Plan

Payment schedule:

  • $700 (incl. GST) payment on enrolment & prior to 1st September, 2022.
  • Monthly payments ($90 incl. GST) debited  from nominated credit card. Payments taken on the 1st day of the month (1st October, 2022 to 1st March, 2024)

Payment can be made online using the username and password you received during registration. 


Option 3 - Four Payments Plan

Payment schedule:

  • First payment on enrolment and prior to 1st September, 2022 ($890 incl. GST)
  • Second payment to be made on, or prior to, 1st March, 2023 ($450 incl. GST)
  • Third payment to be made on, or prior to, 1st August, 2023 ($450 incl. GST)
  • Fourth payment to be made on, or prior to, 1st March 2024 ($450 incl. GST)

Payments are due prior to the April and September camps and attendance at the camp (and access to online modules) won't be confirmed until payments are up to date.

Payment can be made online using the username and password you received during registration.


Cancellation policy

Any memberhsip cancellations must be confirmed in writing prior to the commencement of the program for the next calendar year. Notification in person, via email, phone, text message and/or fax will be accepted subject to final confirmation in writing. We reserve the right to levy a $190 charge to cover administration costs incurred due to the processing of cancellations.

Those members using a payment option will have their membership cancelled while direct debits will cease only after all financial commitments for completed years have been met. Memberships, for all payment schedules, are considered finalised and completed on 1st March of the final year unless subject to a prior agreedment by V Squad in writing. 

No refunds shall be offered where a program level is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes, in progress.